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16WKC Tickets on sale will be September 1 2014 !!!

16th World Kendo Championships (16WKC)

Venue: Nippon Budokan

Date: May 29 2015 to May 31 2015

May 29 Opening Ceremony, Men's Individual Championship

May 30 Women's Individual Championship, Women's Team Championship

May 31 Men's Team Championship, Closing Ceremony

Opening time of the Venue : 8:30 AM for each day

Event start time : 9:00 AM for each day

Ticket Price :

1F Reserved Seat - \3000

2F Reserved Seat - \1500

3F non Reserved Seat - \1000

*Shiai-Jo floor ( Arena ) seat has not been set for spectators.

The meaning of the 1F seat is the seat of one upstairs.

Date of on Sale : September 1, 2014

The above price is for only one day, and ticket through three days is not available.

No discount tickets are available.

You can buy the tickets at the following Ticket PIA website.<===

Website is available from 10:00 AM Japan time on September 1, 2014.